Sustainability performance data is a vital source of information for anyone seeking a holistic understanding of an organization’s activities. Independent assurance adds credibility and can help identify areas for improvement while signaling a desire for transparency and meaningful reporting.

From climate change and natrue and biodiversity to diversity and inclusion, stakeholders are increasingly interested in business performance in areas that cannot be captured by financial metrics alone. Sustainability reporting helps management and external stakeholders see how an organization interacts with society and the planet. 

Presenting credible information has become an essential part of corporate reporting. External stakeholders including investors, customers, government, future employees seek reliable and accurate information on sustainability performance, from carbon emissions to community engagement.

Furthermore, with the introduction of the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) which came into effect in January 2024, sustainability reporting for those organizations affected now has a wider scope and sharper focus on business impacts. As well as outlining a comprehensive framework and specific guidelines on what and how to report, it also states organisations will require independent assurance of their sustainability report and metrics.

ERM CVS are the independent, specialist sustainability assurance and certification partner to global brands. Our experts work with you to help enhance your data and reporting processes, to understand the complexity of diverse regulatory frameworks providing actionable insights, building confidence and trust in the credibility of your ESG reporting.

Our science-based, subject-matter technical expertise helps ensure your ESG disclosures are accurate and relevant, minimising financial and reputational risk and improving business performance.

For each client we create tailor-made multidisciplinary teams that include financial auditors and sustainability audit professionals ensuring the robust operational and technical understanding required for accurate and reliable ESG reporting assurance and helping to drive sustainability performance.

Our assurance is underpinned by our ISO accredited management system which ensures we can provide a premium level of assurance methodology ‘in accordance with ISAE 3000’ – an offering highly valued by global organisations, particularly those affected by CSRD and SEC regulatory reporting requiring assurance.

ERM CVS supports organizations by providing: 

  • Independent assurance in line with proven methodologies and strategic frameworks, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), to assess our clients’ materiality and drive robust reporting
  • Independent assurance of selected ESG metrics and/or whole reports including annual reports, integrated reports and sustainability reports
  • Confidential Assurance readiness assessment
  • Pre assurance
  • Constructive feedback on reporting processes to improve accuracy, efficiency and completeness
  • Limited assurance
  • Reasonable assurance