ERM CVS provides independent assurance and certification for the world’s leading organizations. We strive to make a positive difference to the future of the planet by adding credibility to our clients’ sustainability performance.

We have been supporting organizations since 1996, and view our work as more than just "ticking the box." Our team of experts works across every industry sector and are passionate about supporting clients achieve their goals. In all cases, utilizing our industry experience, subject-matter expertise, and expertise in standards, we identify opportunities for improvement, and challenge our clients to help them transform their sustainability performance and achieve their goals.

ERM CVS recognizes the value Accreditation brings to the market in confirming the competency, integrity and independence, of 3rd party service providers, and we are committed to gaining and maintaining relevant Accreditations with scheme owners and National Accreditation Bodies. Much of our work (particularly on the Certification side of the business), is already delivered under Accreditation and we actively support the evolution of Accreditation in other areas where Accreditation is not currently available.

ERM CVS is part of the ERM Group, a global market leader in sustainability services, however ERM CVS, as a provider of 3rd party services, operates independently to ensure our impartiality. We operate in more than 40 countries where we deliver independent, performance-driven assurance and certification for our clients.