The voluntary carbon market (VCM) allows organizations to mitigate their unavoidable emissions by purchasing carbon credits. Carbon credits are verified GHG emissions reductions or removals generated by activities elsewhere. 

It is essential for achieving ambitious net zero targets.  

Carbon credit integrity assurance by ERM CVS de-risks  investment decisions at different stages of the carbon credit lifecycle. 

Our deep knowledge of the VCM’s mechanisms, methodologies, trends, and technical hands-on experience based on project development and extensive assessment of carbon projects, ERM CVS is uniquely positioned to conduct carbon mitigation validation and verification work. As a validation and verification body (VVB), ERM CVS can verify the GHG emission reductions claimed by offset programs which supports the use of offset credits as part of net zero strategies. 

Supporting clients throughout the process 

As GHG reduction efforts gain traction around the world, organizations are working hard to limit their carbon footprints through energy efficiency gains, switching fuel sources and other methods. However, due to technological and access barriers, many companies incorporate offsets and carbon markets into their strategies for achieving net zero and other emission targets in the short term. 

ERM CVS assists our clients throughout their carbon mitigation journey through a range of assurance services that ensure independent scrutiny around: 

  • Public disclosures (e.g., mitigation claims)  
  • Portfolio integrity through enhanced due diligence  
  • Project co-benefits 
  • Emission reductions or removals quantification and monitoring methodology review and validation
  • Accredited project validation and verification services (including pre-audit, site audit and post audit)