If you are a client of ERM CVS and have a disagreement or dispute concerning your certification or verification statement, which you have not been able to resolve through your Client Account Manager or Partner-in-Charge, then you may appeal in writing to the Accreditation and System Manager.

Following the receipt of an appeal, an Appeals Panel, which is independent of the issue under consideration, will be appointed. The Appeals Panel will review in confidence relevant evidence from ERM CVS staff and the appellant. After the review is complete, the Appeals Panel will prepare a report with their conclusions, and the appellant will be notified in writing of the decision.

In cases where the client does not agree with the conclusions of the Appeals Panel, they may contact the Accreditation and System Manager to request a further review that will be held by a Secondary Appeals Panel drawn from ERM CVS’s independent Impartiality Committee and appointed by the Chairman of the Impartiality Committee. Evidence from all parties will be heard in confidence, and the Secondary Appeals Panel will make a final and conclusive decision, of which the appellant will be notified in writing.

ERM CVS takes feedback about its services and complaints very seriously. Any feedback or complaints about our services should be submitted in writing and addressed to ERM CVS’s Accreditation and System Manager. We will ensure that we understand your feedback or concerns fully, and will deal with any complaints fairly and promptly. We will acknowledge your complaint, keep you informed of progress and respond to your complaint as soon as it has been fully investigated.

Complaints regarding any of our clients should also be submitted in writing and addressed to ERM CVS’s Accreditation and System Manager. Once we have confirmed that the subject client has received services from ERM CVS, we will investigate the nature of the complaint, and if substantiated, confirm that we are taking appropriate action and give details of how the issue is being handled. This may include visit(s) to the client facility(ies), and for this reason, this type of complaint may take longer to resolve.

For further information regarding our business policies, appeals, feedback or requests for information please contact the Accreditation and System Manager.  This policy can be downloaded here.