Independent assurance of performance disclosures at both fund and PC level.

Leading Private Equity Firms have long recognised that managing ESG factors helps creates value.PE firms regularly look at ESG factors when sourcing new opportunities and performing due diligence citing reputation enhancement, risk mitigation and competitive differentiation as key benefits to their investment portfolios.

With an increasing level of attention on ESG across all stages of the investment lifecycle it’s important that these disclosures are robust, accurate and reliable.

Third party, independent assurance from ERM CVS can help PE funds ensure their ESG reporting holds up to scrutiny. With Stakeholders now expecting the same high standards for sustainability reporting as they do for financials it’s important that those firms providing sustainability assurance have both the financial and ESG audit experience.

Our independent, science-based, technical and operational expertise within our multidisciplinary teams helps ensure your specific disclosures are accurate and relevant, minimising financial and reputational risk and improving business performance.