Assurance Readiness Review (or Pre-assurance) is a useful option for organizations wishing to identify gaps and weaknesses in their reporting approach prior to seeking full public assurance.

For businesses at an earlier stage in their sustainability reporting journey, an Assurance Readiness Review can help uncover gaps in data coverage, point out gaps in methodology and highlight where processes can be improved. Acting as a confidential “dry run,” it is one of the best ways to avoid receiving a qualified assurance opinion in a future public Assurance Statement.

The perfect preparation for assurance

An Assurance Readiness Review is a handy starting point for critical and constructive feedback on KPIs, ESG targets and reporting processes. ERM CVS is skilled in identifying areas for improvement to help clients make their ESG and sustainability reporting more robust.

While the end goal is to progress to full public assurance, our approach provides the rigor of an assurance process, without the risk of a qualified Assurance Statement if what we see doesn’t hit the mark. Towards the end of our review, we work with our clients to decide what scope and level of assurance is most appropriate depending on their reporting maturity.