To understand how sustainability and CSR targets are being progressed and met, accurate verification of the KPIs that track those performance areas is central.

KPIs act as the measuring tool to quantitatively assess an organization's goals and objectives against what they have so far delivered. Sustainability and CSR KPIs help organizations coordinate multiple levels of their business to deliver on their commitment to improving their sustainability and CSR performance by tying their performance to achievable benchmarks. Third-party verification of the data on which such KPIs are measured allows for the most accurate, reliable and transparent assessment of current and future progress.

Sustainability and CSR KPIs can cover a wide range of indicators. Whether they relate to GHG emissions, diversity and inclusion or nature net gains, ERM CVS maintains the varied, yet deep technical expertise needed to support our clients across this wide range of areas.

Whether verifying company-defined KPIs or verifying KPIs laid out in standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ERM CVS is equipped to provide our clients with an industry-leading verification service that is backed by 25 years of assurance experience and first-class expertise.

ERM CVS supports organizations by providing: