ERM CVS’s Learning and Development Program uses Accelerative Learning techniques that help develop content and effectively convey messages in a way that inspires knowledge, commitment to a vision and on-the-job application.

ERM CVS uses the accelerative learning methodology to create an engaging and motivating learning experience. This preferred method of development and delivery is based on the neuroscience of learning and is designed to enable learners to move beyond limiting beliefs about themselves and what is possible and tap into their true potential. Our integrated approach to training relies on learner involvement and active, collaborative learning methods, including:

  • Creating a positive learning environment that actively creates knowledge
  • Providing activity-centered learning
  • Enabling total learner involvement via diverse methodologies focused on activating the learning process
  • Encouraging collaboration among learners

Training Services

We are currently running a 5-day Certified Lead Environmental Auditor training course (certified by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment [IEMA]).

28 August - 1st September North America (venue tbc)

11 - 15 September London (venue tbc)

13 - 17 November APAC (venue tbc)

The training sessions will produce steep improvements in techniques and methods used by the people leading audits internally and externally for leading organizations. This will be achieved by focusing in on the requirements of various standards (ISO 19011 & ISO 14001) and how to use those during audits to provide added value to organizations searching for true sustainable performance at operational level. Advanced leadership tools and techniques are an intrinsic part of this session.

This knowledge will significantly improve the quality of the information provided to Senior Leadership for critical decision-making regarding the organization’s effectiveness to generate, at an operational level:
• Risk reduction – focused in control effectiveness
• Impact & inefficiencies reduction – focused in source reduction
• On-going compliance with expectations and requirements – thru effective communication.

All of this to be completed while using management systems effectively to achieve or sustain certification and producing ever-increasing performance improvements.

Price per delegate $2,500. To register or for more information please get in touch using the contact us form below.

ERM CVS offers bespoke services that can be tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

  • Non-accredited Lead Auditor training
  • 2-5-day internal auditor training (EMS, HSMS or combined)
  • Management system general awareness
  • Root cause analysis ISO 14001 certification of environmental management systems
  • Leadership: Using Effective Management Techniques to Change Culture and Change EHS Performance