Most net zero GHG emission targets and strategies rely on offsets. Amid concerns about the effectiveness and impact of offsets, it’s vital that those offsets are credible and applied appropriately.

As a verification body, ERM CVS (ERM Certification & Verification Services) can verify the GHG emission reductions claimed by offset programs and support the use of offset credits as part of net zero strategies. ERM CVS provides a wide array of services to help our clients on their journey to net zero.

Accredited independent offset assessment

ERM CVS is an approved validation/verification body (VVB) for both Verra VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and GS4GG (Gold Standard for Global Goals). This means that we conduct independent assessments that enable VCS and Gold Standard projects to demonstrate their credibility. As a VVB, our work is tailored to the specific certification that the offset project developer wishes to attain.

ERM CVS’s technical expertise and experience reviewing a diverse range of offset projects positions us well to conduct offset validation and verification work. Our team provides meaningful guidance and feedback to other stakeholders throughout GS4GG and Verra VCS certification processes.

Supporting clients throughout the offset process

As GHG reduction efforts gain traction around the world, organizations are working hard to limit their carbon footprints through energy efficiency gains, switching fuel sources and other methods. However, due to technological and access barriers, many companies incorporate offsets and carbon markets into their strategies for achieving net zero and other emission targets in the short term.

ERM CVS assists our clients throughout their offsetting journey by:

  • Reviewing plans, targets and climate commitments
  • Identifying available, practical offset options (e.g., verification schemes, accredited/non-accredited offsetting claims)
  • Offsetting project validation and verification (including pre-audit, site audit and post audit)
  • Updating offset certification progress
  • Issuing offset claims
  • Providing post-offset support (identifying areas for improvements and needs in future reporting cycles)