Alignment with globally recognized carbon credit schemes adds credibility to GHG emission reduction and neutrality claims.

Thanks to our status as a Verification/Validation Body (VVB), ERM CVS can verify emission reductions claimed by offset projects in alignment with the Verra Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

Validation and verification for Verra VCS offsets

Verra founded the VCS program to support the sale of Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) globally in a voluntary carbon market. As of 2021, VERRA had certified over 1,700 projects associated with the reduction of 800 million Tonnes of CO2e. ERM CVS is an accredited validation and verification body for Verra VCS offsets (VVB ID22).

Any ERM CVS engagements conducted as a Verra VCS VVB results in a validation and verification report. If this contains a positive opinion, it is submitted, along with a project design or monitoring report (generated at the start of the project) to Verra VCS as supporting evidence, leading to issuing VCUs to the project developer.

The ERM CVS team has experience verifying a diverse range of offset projects and programs of activities (PoAs). As a result, we are qualified to provide trusted reviews and appropriate guidance to project developers participating in the Verra VCS offset program.

Validation and verification for Gold Standard offsets

ERM CVS is currently undergoing a reapproval process to reinstate our GS4GG VVB status.

The Gold Standard was founded in 2003 and aims to provide premium carbon credits aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Since launch, the Gold Standard registry has grown to include 2,300 projects associated with the reduction/avoidance of 190 million Tonnes of CO2e.

For projects wishing to receive Gold Standard Certification, the work undertaken by the VVB fits into Gold GS4GG’s five-step process. Following appointment by a project developer, the VVB conducts validation or verification work. This includes:

If a positive opinion is given in the VVB’s report, a further review is conducted by SustainCERT, NGO Supporters and GS4GG’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Combined with the VVB’s report, the outcome of these reviews determines if GS4GG certification is granted.