The pressure is on for companies to demonstrate genuine commitments to tackling climate change, leading to stakeholder demands for reliable climate disclosures. Our independent assurance of climate data and disclosures delivers confidence in the quality and accuracy of reporting and helps build trust through transparency.

With industries, governments and societies across the world focusing on the net zero transition, the need to deliver on climate commitments is mounting. Independent assurance of climate reporting helps organizations demonstrate their commitment to climate action by externally validating the climate data they share with internal and external stakeholders.

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission assurance services offered by ERM CVS play a crucial role in helping to ensure that climate data reported in line with voluntary and mandatory reporting protocols maintains the highest level of accuracy, reliability and transparency. This fosters credibility and ensures that the information our clients publish reflects their actual performance.

Acting as an independent verifier, ERM CVS is distinctly positioned to identify areas for improvement in future reporting cycles. By leveraging our deep subject expertise, ERM CVS helps clients understand where the opportunities and risks lie by highlighting gaps and identifying areas requiring improvement. We believe more reliable information supports strategic decision-making and facilitates impactful change.

ERM CVS supports organizations by providing:

  • Verification of GHG emissions data via engagement at both corporate and site level
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement in reporting processes with an aim to improve the accuracy, efficiency and completeness of reporting
  • Assurance activities including desk-based analytical reviews, interviews with key data/topic owners, extended evidence review and reviews at selected sites to test completeness and accuracy of information
  • Limited assurance
  • Reasonable assurance