Accredited Validation and Verification Body Services 

Alignment with globally recognized carbon credit schemes adds credibility to GHG emission reduction and neutrality claims. As a VVB, our work is tailored to the specific certification that the offset project developer wishes to attain. 

Accredited independent offset assessment 

ERM CVS is accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) to deliver validation and verification services for carbon projects and their related GHG emissions reductions and/or removals. The accreditation is based on multiple standards (ISO 17029, ISO 14065 and ISO 14064-3). The full accreditation details can be found here. 

This internationally recognized accreditation highlights ERM CVS’s technical competency and integrity and gives organizations the assurance that the Validation and Verification services ERM CVS provides are of the highest quality, thus reducing time spent on the final review by GHG Programs and Standards following registration and/or issuance requests. 

As a highly experienced Validation and Verification body (referring among others to its previously held UNFCCC accredited Designated Operational Entity [DOE] status), ERM CVS is familiar with a wide range of different project types, methodologies, and GHG Programs and Standards. ERM CVS continues to play an essential role in building and accelerating a high integrity voluntary carbon market.  

Through obtaining this necessary accreditation, ERM CVS is now re-registering with Verra and the Gold Standard Foundation and will soon add more GHG Programs to the scope of our VVB services. As an accredited VVB, ERM CVS enables project developers, businesses, and investors in the carbon market to demonstrate their credibility.