Certification Status

A description of ERM CVS’ behaviour- and performance-based audit and certification process is available on request to prospective certification clients.

ERM CVS makes available publicly accessible information about the certification status of each of its clients on request to the Accreditation and System Manager. This information shows whether a certificate issued by ERM CVS is current, suspended or has been withdrawn.

ERM CVS does not, in the normal course of events, suspend or withdraw certificates from its certified clients. However, if it is determined that a certified client no longer meets the requirements of the standard or of ERM CVS Terms and Conditions of Use of Mark/Symbol, it may be necessary to suspend or withdraw the certificate.

The Client Account Manager will notify the client that the certificate is being suspended or withdrawn, stating the reason for this action. Typically, the request for certificate suspension or withdrawal will result from one of the following:

  • Failure to continue operation of a management system which is in conformance with the relevant standard
  • Failure to implement effective corrective and preventive actions
  • Failure to comply with ERM CVS’ Terms and Conditions of Business.

Prior to withdrawing the certificate, the client will be allowed a period of time for rectification, during which time the certificate will be considered suspended. The time allowed will reflect the seriousness of the failure. If it becomes necessary to withdraw the certificate, the client will be notified in writing including a request for immediate return of the certificate and immediate cessation of the use of the certification mark.