World Commission on Dams (WCD) assessment

The World Commission on Dams was established to assess the environmental, social and economic impacts of large dam construction. The commission’s report, produced in 2000, is the international best practice benchmark for sustainable large hydro development, emphasising community engagement and mitigation of impacts throughout the project’s planning and implementation.

ermcvs_content_worlddamsThe EU requires CDM hydropower projects larger than 20 MW to be independently assessed against the WCD criteria in order for credits from these projects to be eligible for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Therefore many developers of CDM and other GHG emission reduction projects can benefit from having their projects independently verified against WCD criteria by an experienced third party. ERM CVS draws upon the vast sustainability experience of the ERM group, the world’s leading sustainability services company, as well as our experience of auditing hundreds of renewable energy projects, to provide high quality WCD assessment reports that meet the needs of EU member states.

Our clients want to ensure that their hydro projects are following international best practice, and appreciate the credibility that ERM CVS brings to this assessment. ERM CVS has long experience of assessing large hydro projects against WCD criteria in a range of countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Clients value our technical competence, common sense approach, and efficiency of report delivery, which offer real added value to their hydro investments.

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