Gold Standard

The Gold Standard is a high quality carbon credit label for both Kyoto and voluntary markets, promoting stakeholder engagement and sustainability principles.

ermcvs_content_goldstandardERM CVS has a strong track record in validation and verification of Gold Standard projects, sustainability assessment, and household energy projects in particular. Sustainability assessment is at the core of Gold Standard principles, and we draw upon the vast sustainability experience of ERM group, the world’s leading sustainability services company, as well as our experience of auditing hundreds of emission reduction projects. Credibility and quality are the key aspects that Gold Standard credit buyers are looking for, and ERM CVS’s experience, technical competence, quality and efficiency offer real added value to our Gold Standard clients. ERM CVS verified the largest issuance of Gold Standard credits to date, and sponsored Version 2.2 of the Gold Standard toolkit.

ERM CVS has substantial experience of validating and verifying complex projects and PoAs (programmes of activities) both in the Gold Standard and CDM. We have specialist knowledge of household level technologies including cooking stoves, solar water heaters and water filters. ERM CVS has worked on some of the largest and most ground-breaking cooking stove and water purification projects in Africa and Asia.

In addition, our experience of hundreds of renewable energy projects, including sustainability assessment of hydro projects under the World Commission on Dams criteria means we are ideally placed to validate and verify a range of Gold Standard projects.

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