EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

With the EU ETS now entering Phase III (2012-2020), there is an increased need for companies to manage the risks associated with emissions reporting, in terms of compliance obligations, direct costs and reputational risk. Strong external verification, along with strong internal systems, is vital to maintain compliance with the EU ETS rules and ensure the integrity of reported emissions.

Having worked in the UK Emission Trading Scheme, ERM CVS has been involved in EU ETS verifications since the very beginning of the scheme’s implementation, and has developed a core team of strong technical competencies, plus well-established and robust verification procedures and tools.

ERM CVS’s experience allows us to identify strategically significant improvements in monitoring and reporting systems that can better prepare operators for the increasingly rigorous implementation and enforcement of the emissions trading scheme.

Working under UKAS Accreditation, as per Phase III harmonisation on Verification and Accreditation requirements, ERM CVS is now able to conduct verifications throughout the EU.

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