Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has shown unprecedented growth in recent years, with more than 6,500 projects registered. Despite low credit prices, companies are still looking to maximise the value of their CDM project investments through high quality verification at competitive prices.

ERM CVS was accredited as a Designated Operational Entity (DOE) under the CDM in March 2009. Since then we have established a track record for success, having worked on CDM projects in over 30 countries. In total, ERM CVS has validated more than 235 registered CDM projects and Program of Activities (PoAs) and has carried out more than 250 verifications. A list of current CDM validations and verifications is located here.

In addition to highly qualified technical expertise, we offer dedicated account management for your project or portfolio of projects, giving you a single point of contact and ensuring that we are always responsive. Our focus is on efficient and smooth delivery – minimising delays between the site visit and the final report, and we integrate technical review into all stages of project delivery – avoiding ‘last minute’ surprises. We apply a consistently high standard of quality – with senior and experienced auditors as well as technical specialists from across the ERM Group. We work to minimise delays in the UNFCCC registration and issuance process, with our own detailed completeness and consistency checks before submission and have a strong track record for quality.

As a DOE, ERM CVS offers validation and verification services on CDM projects and PoAs, as well as methodology review, renewal of crediting period, and addition of Component Project Activities (CPAs).

ERM CVS is accredited in the following sectoral scopes:

– Scope 1 Energy Industries
– Scope 2 Energy Distribution
– Scope 3 Energy Demand
– Scope 4 Manufacturing Industries
– Scope 5 Chemical Industry
– Scope 8 Mining/Mineral production
– Scope 9 Metal Production
– Scope 10 Fugitive Emission from Fuels
– Scope 13 Waste Handling and Disposal
– Scope 15 Agriculture

Active CDM validation and verification projects: information on all CDM validation and verification projects ERM CVS is involved in is available on the CDM website