Using certification to drive performance

We believe that certification should be a dynamic process, helping to identify potential improvements and provide management with a means to drive environmental, health and safety performance. To this end the ERM CVS approach is about working with our clients to identify and understand issues rather than rely on the over bureaucratic, document-focused approach that is so prevalent in the certification industry.

We understand that businesses and their managers use a very broad range of techniques, which will go way beyond the implementation of documented policies, procedures and work instructions to deliver the operational and business outcomes they are seeking.

The right environment, health and safety outcomes will be produced if – and only if – mainstream operational managers apply the techniques they naturally use in the pursuit of their operational goals to address the environment, health and safety aspects of the activities for which they are responsible.

During the course of our assessments we test if managers are properly integrating environment, health and safety considerations into their activities in a way which will reliably avoid incidents, assure compliance with regulations and continuously reduce the organisation’s environment, health and safety footprint.

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